Welcome to Tokyo, Seekers! As reported, a menacing hacker known as Deathnote_Fairytail is causing all sorts of mayhem in Japan. She or he (it’s still unknown) has gained access to the city’s banking and infrastructure systems. Authorities fear the culprit will trigger a global financial crisis or even cause casualties.

Last night, investigators thought they had caught Deathnote_Fairytail when they tracked the IP address of a malicious computer to a local tea house. When they arrived to make the arrest, the suspect was gone. However, police recovered the laptop and a peculiar photograph depicting all sorts of Japanese collectibles. Forensic technicians worked around the clock and have just gained entry into the computer. As soon as they unlocked it, an instant message popped up from Deathnote_Fairytail, taunting the police. It said:

Deathnote_Fairytail: LOLOLOLOL!! U thought u had me! too slow. If u really think ur that good, follow my trail. First stop……Akihabara…..

Note: Some puzzles in this mystery may be more optimally viewed on a laptop or computer screen.
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Pro-tip: Review all of the materials in your box. There are bits of information hidden throughout that you’ll need to reference along the way.
This is where your pursuit begins. Can you help Tokyo authorities track down the whereabouts of Deathnote_Fairytail?