Peterhof Palace

Your first stop is Peterhof Palace, nicknamed the Versailles of Russia. For over 200 years, this grand estate was the main residence for Russian royalty until the monarchy fell in 1918. The grounds cover over 1,000 acres of formal gardens and feature 152 water fountains. The Grand Palace, which was constructed in the 1700s is very lavish, with room after room of gilded wood carvings, painted ceilings and crystal chandeliers. The palace was almost completely gutted during World War II, but has now been fully restored to its original luxurious state.

You get lost in the moment, admiring the quality of craft and design of this magnificent place. But your escort whisks you away and you remember why you’re really here. You are handed a small piece of paper with a riddle and several arrows, along with a floor plan of the Palace’s maze of rooms. Together, these items will reveal one of the animals on the wooden squares and a color of gemstone found on the lacquer box.

Riddle Card

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