At the Varenne stop:


Musee Rodin

Auguste Rodin is largely regarded as the progenitor of modern sculpture. His unique interpretation and ability to capture emotion and expression led to success and recognition during his lifetime. Today, his most well-known and revered works are showcased in the Biron estate gardens.

As you explore the manicured formal gardens of Musée Rodin, you are drawn to Rodin’s most famous sculpture, Le Penseur, or The Thinker. You admire the loose interpretation of anatomy that forces viewers to focus more on the body language and pose of a man deep in thought. Consumed by your own thoughts, you forget why you are there until a quiet figure forcefully shoves a slip of paper into your hand. On it reads:

    I come in darkness,
    though not always at night
    To some I bring joy
    To others I bring fright

To earn your next puzzle, solve the riddle.

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