At the Rambuteau stop:


Pomidou Centre

As you step out of the Rambuteau metro stop, you see the curious structure that houses the largest modern art museum in Europe, the Centre George Pompidou. Scanning the building, you notice the many colorful pipes and trusses twisting and wrapping the otherwise glass structure. Outside are several whimsical yet inspiring sculptures and you are eager to see what’s inside.

The Pompidou Center was built in 1977 and the intriguing pipes are actually color coded according to their function: green for water, blue for HVAC and yellow for electrical. By housing all of these functional elements on the outside of the building, it allows for large unobstructed spaces inside to showcase masterpieces by Matisse, Picasso and Dalí.

As you enter one of the smaller side galleries, you are drawn to a wall with an installation of Pop Art. Discover the passcode to earn your next paint coordinates.

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Installation at Pompidou