At the Cité stop:


Notre Dame

Notre-Dame de Paris, meaning “Our Lady of Paris", is one of Paris’ most iconic landmarks, built on a small island in the Seine River. This medieval masterpiece from the twelfth century is decorated with gargoyle sculptures, stained glass, and important religious artifacts. It is one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture and is one of the first buildings in history to use flying buttresses. Tragically, on April 25, 2019, the cathedral suffered severe damage from a fire that ravaged the structure. The entire world mourned as this beloved place of worship was largely destroyed. Fortunately, the celebrated Rose window was saved as well as the priceless relics housed in the rooster weathervane. Restoration and rebuilding began immediately after the fire and French President Macron remains hopeful that it will be completed by 2024 in time for the Summer Olympics in Paris.

As you enter the active construction site, a hooded figure approaches and says you must help reassemble a section of stained glass windows. There are 3 empty panels, but 5 panels to choose from. You need to figure out what 3 panels to use and in what order.

Notre Dame

Use the Notre Dame puzzle pieces to figure out where the window panels should go. You must follow these rules:

  • 2 of each saint are featured in the window, no more and no less.
  • The same saint cannot be directly above or below each other (including the saints already in place at the top and bottom of the window).
  • The same saint can be directly to the left or right of each other.
  • Section D features Moses.
Notre Dame