At the Blanche stop:


Cafe Interior

You can’t get Christina Aguilera’s remake of “Lady Marmalade” out of your head as you gaze at the famous Moulin Rouge, just across the street from Blanche station. But it’s a little too early in the day for absinthe and cabaret dancers. Instead, you walk down the street to experience France’s favorite past-time: sitting at a café, people watching.

The Café des Deux Moulins is just ahead on the corner of Rues Lepic and Cauchois, providing ample seating space to stare at passers-by. It’s also where your favorite French movie, Amélie, was filmed. You enjoy a delicious brunch of crêpes Suzette and fresh-squeezed orange juice while you remember the scenes of Amélie running her fingers through the grain bags and cracking crème brûlée with a spoon. When the server brings you the menu, he lingers a little too long, then asks with a stern voice, “What will you have?” To earn your next painting coordinates, you must provide a password.

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Cafe des deux moulins