Mexico City

Welcome, Seekers, to the mysterious capital of Mexico; the most populous city in North America that was founded by the Aztecs in 1325. According to legend, the god Huitzilopchtli sent an eagle to the Aztecs to lead them to this exact location where they should build their empire. By 1519, when European conquistadors arrived, the city had reached around 250,000 inhabitants, making it perhaps the largest city in the world at the time.

The Aztecs faced years of war, famine and disease that eventually led to the collapse of their civilization. However, their architectural wonders remain today as do the ghosts of these innovative and fearless people.

The Society of Seekers has been summoned by scholars to travel to Mexico City and help unlock the secrets of a newly discovered Aztec calendar that was unearthed during recent renovations at the Templo Mayor. The stone carved calendar, locked with a secret password, is believed to contain the key to receiving Aztec visions and prophesies. To open the calendar, you must explore Mexico City, visiting 10 Guardians who are in the possession of curious rock carvings that have been passed down through the generations. To access the carvings, you must prove yourself by solving a series of puzzles and providing passwords to the guardians.

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Mexico City