Hi Seekers!

The National Crime Agency of London has been working around the clock to gather intel about the missing Royal Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. Three nights ago, the jewels were securely placed in their vault at as part of the Ceremony of Keys, which locked down the Tower of London. But the next morning, the Crown Jeweler conducted her daily inspection and discovered that the real jewels had been switched with forgeries.

After extensive surveillance of Internet chatter, it is suspected that Lord Lockhart, a shunned and scorned aristocrat is the culprit. He boasted in a chat room that he buried the jewels somewhere in London. Their location have been encrypted and etched onto diamonds from one of the Queen’s favorite necklaces. Lockhart's accomplices have possession of the diamonds and are stationed throughout London. Your mission is to track down the diamonds and discover where the rest of the Crown Jewels have been buried. A cryptic souvenir calendar was found in Lockhart’s flat that will help you locate his team. Solve the puzzles at each location and provide the proper password to collect the pieces to the necklace.

To play:

  1. Review all the materials in your box. There are hidden elements throughout that will prove useful.
  2. Visit the 9 popular attractions around London where Lockhart’s accomplices are positioned. To do this, visit the websites listed in the calendar. You can scan the QR codes to quickly access the pages.
  3. Solve the puzzles at each location to reveal a password that will earn you the diamonds and necklace.
  4. Once you have retrieved all the parts to the necklace, put everything together and discover the location where the rest of the Crown Jewels are buried.

Good luck!