Welcome to the emerald isle of Ireland! This picturesque land with rugged sea cliffs, rolling rocky fields and ancient ruins, is home to a determined people who have overcome many hardships. Their determination and rebel spirit have rippled throughout the world, perhaps most significantly here in the US, where over 50 million Americans can claim Irish ancestry.

Today’s adventure takes us to Ireland on the hunt for the Irish Crown Jewels, which were stolen from Dublin Castle in 1907. The Jewels Belonging to the Most Illustrious Order of Saint Patrick consist of a diamond encrusted star and badge regalia along with the collars of five knights of the Order. For over 100 years, rumors have surrounded the whereabouts of the jewels, but they have never been retrieved.

New information has come forth and the Society of Seekers has been contacted to help with the hunt. Someone claiming to be in possession of the stolen jewels has left a trail of clues across the country detailing the hiding place. To complete the mission, you’ll need to visit 10 locations, solving puzzles to earn additional clues that will lead to the location of the Irish Crown Jewels.

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