Old South

Bostonians met at the Old South Meeting House to discuss whether they would pay the heavy taxes the British government had placed on 340 crates of tea that were sitting on three ships anchored at Griffin’s Wharf. Over 5,000 colonists gathered to voice their dissent. Samuel Adams addressed the crowd, saying, "This meeting can do nothing more to save the country." This was a signal to the Sons of Liberty, a secret society designed to protect the colonies, to destroy the tea, and 100 men disguised as Mohawk Indians boarded the British ships and dumped all of the tea into the harbor.

Upon your arrival at the Old South Meeting, you are handed a letter signed "Your Fellow American.” The courier winks at you as she disappears in the crowd. You are sure there is something more to this letter than at first glance.

To earn the next token, you'll need to decipher and follow the instructions found hidden in the letter.

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Old South