Boston Massacre

According to popular American history, the first shots of the Revolutionary War were shot by British soldiers in a crowd of colonists on March 5, 1770. The colonists were protesting additional taxes imposed on them for the cost of housing British soldiers. The atmosphere became tense as the colonists began to harass and throw things at the soldiers. Accounts vary as to what initiated the first shots, but the incident resulted in 5 deaths and 6 other injuries.

The first of these deaths was Crispus Attucks, a colonist of mixed-race who later become a symbol of civil rights during the Civil War. To earn your next token, you must solve the following logic puzzle.


Who killed Crispus Attucks?*

During the investigation, 4 British soldiers were suspected of shooting and killing Crispus Attucks: William McCauley, James Hartigan, William Warren and Corporal William Wemms. Each fired in a different order and their bullets struck a door, the sidewalk, a lamp post and tragically Crispus Attucks. The following facts were corroborated by witnesses:

  1. James Hartigan shot the door, but was not first.
  2. William Warren did not shoot the sidewalk.
  3. William Warren shot immediately before Corporal William Wemms, who shot immediately before the lamp post was shot.

To earn your next token, you must identify the culprit who shot and killed Crispus Attucks as well as the order in which each soldier fired a shot.

William McCauley:

James Hartigan:

William Warren:

Corporal William Wemms:

Who was the killer?

*While the names of these British soldiers are accurate, the clues and conclusions are not. We took creative liberties to entertain you.

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Boston Massacre