Boston Intro

This is the birthplace of the United States and modern democracy! We’ve been brought here by an elite group of patriots who have long guarded a valuable relic from American history. Internet chatter has led them to believe the relic is in danger of being stolen by communists. None of the patriots have ever really seen the relic, nor know of its final resting place. But each of them hold a different token that all lead to the relic’s location. Your mission is to retrieve the 10 tokens found throughout Boston and discover the hiding place of the relic so it can be secured. Guiding your quest will be the Freedom Trail, a 2.5 mile route that connects the city’s most notable historical sites.

To play:

  1. Review all of the items in your box. There are hidden elements that will be useful throughout the game. You shouldn’t have to research to solve any of the puzzles.
  2. Visit the following 10 attractions located along the Freedom Trail.
  3. You’ll be tested by the patriots at each site, who will award you tokens for completing their puzzles.
  4. Once you have collected all 10 tokens, visit the Boston Finish Line to complete the ‘Find.’

Visit each of the Boston Freedom Trail sites below by clicking on the link:

  1. Boston Common
  2. King’s Chapel and Burying Ground
  3. Boston Latin School
  4. Old Corner Bookstore
  5. Old South Meeting House
  6. Old State House
  7. Site of the Boston Massacre
  8. Old North Church
  9. Bunker Hill Monument
  10. USS Constitution
  11. Complete the ‘Find’ at the Boston Finish Line.