Boston Common

The Freedom Trail (and our adventure together) starts in Boston Common, the first public park established in the U.S. It was initially purchased with community funds in the early 17th century and designated as a communal cow pasture. Throughout the years, it has served many purposes including a British army camp and where public hangings occurred.

As you explore an exhibit featuring period displays in The Common, you playfully place your head and arms into the stocks (a form of colonial shaming and punishment). A mischievous passerby quickly closes them and locks the padlock, trapping you! After a few deep breaths you notice a strange tic-tac-toe board on the ground in front of you.


This is the first test of your skills. You are handed a small slip of paper with odd markings on it and told you must decipher the code to the padlock in order to escape and earn your first token. Enter the solution below:

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