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Built by Anne Hutchinson in 1634, the Old Corner Bookstore was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1711 and rebuilt in 1718. One of Boston’s oldest buildings, the bookstore's residence on Boston's Freedom Trail is about more than its architecture. Beginning in 1845, Ticknor and Fields operated out of this building to publish the works of the most well-known American and English authors.

While grabbing lunch at the Old Corner Bookstore (that’s now a Chipotle), you notice an empty bookshelf hidden in the corner, an homage to the building’s past, with several books scattered on a nearby desk. The covers are worn and tattered. As you pick them up and flip through the pages, a note falls to the ground. It reads “There is more to this bookshelf than meets the eye, Seeker. Your next token will be awarded when you organize the eight books in their proper order.” As you look down, you notice there are more than 8 books. You’ll need to figure out which appropriate books to put on the shelf together and their correct order to decipher the password required to earn your next token.

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